Café Hubert Saint-Jean has been part of the Sherbrooke landscape since 1923 when Mr. Hubert Saint-Jean started roasting. This art will then be taken up by his son Michel Saint-Jean. The latter now acts as a mentor to the new owner. We still roast with the same oven dating from 1956. It is in this precise place that, each week, the magic and the chemistry take place. This oven has the particularity of producing a direct flame, thus bringing a unique character to the roasting of Hubert Saint-Jean. Major renovations were carried out in 2018 to breathe new life into the institution. One thing remains unchanged, the undisputed quality of the coffee roasted there. Café Hubert Saint-Jean now has three stores to better serve you, the second being located at 4797, boul. Bourque, in Sherbrooke and the third located at 464 Rue Principale Ouest, in Magog. The personalized approach of our baristas, who will be able to advise you on all our products, ensures you an unparalleled customer experience.