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Exclusive Artist Series

Recognizing artists as amazing as our coffees!

We created the Artist Series for the sole purpose of supporting and helping artists in their artistic process. 

Patronage is the support, encouragement and financial aid bestowed upon an artist.

Artists featured in this serie receive compensation for the creation of a piece, custom printed on a box containing carefully selected coffee beans. 

Since the coffees selected come from a micro-lot, a limited quantity of boxes is produced and proceeds of 10$ for each box sold go directly to the artist. 

Become a patron and buy one of our Artist Series coffees! Hurry up, quantities are very limited!


Visual artist - Muralist

As a multidisciplinary individual, MORT’s artistic process goes far beyond the two-dimensionality of a canvas. For MORT, it is crucial to decontextualise a piece to better rebuild it. By combining drawing, painting and woodworking, his visual creations fall between figuration and abstraction. 

Deconstruction of the human body in his pieces, often making allusions to eroticism, creates a feeling of discomfort and guides the viewer through different emotions. MORT’s compositions offer a sensitive atmosphere, filled with torment and sweetness. His busy compositions multiply layers, patterns and colours, which make his work sometimes seem strange, but above all, unique. MORT works mainly on wood panels, which he cuts following the outline of his pieces, allowing him to create paintings of objects. 

Essentially, his work is a hybrid between pop culture, renaissance and illustration. One can also observe the influence of Japanese anime, as well as American cartoons, in the features of MORT’s pieces. Reusing the symbolism of the martyrs alongside the logos of rock groups from the 90s, it is through these references, which are often at the extremes, that MORT creates his own mythology. In his process, technique is always in the center, as he is continuously looking for new shapes and colors to change his visual language and the maturity of his expression.


Mort: Nicaragua Sultana del norte



For our second coffee in the Artist Serie, we have carefully selected coffee beans from Nicaragua, focusing on its delicacy and balance. Working directly with an importer on site, our decision stopped on this Nicaragua Sultana del Norte. We lightly roast the beans to focus on the subtleties in the aromas, bringing you back to the hard work of the artisans who cultivated it.


Origin : Nicaragua
Region : Sultana del norte
Farm : La bendicion
Altitude : 950-1600 meters
Variety : Bourbon, Caturra, Red & yellow catuai
Harvest month : November - March
Processing Method : Sun dried
Roast Level : Light
Gustative Profile : Apricot, Caramel, Fruity

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