La tribune Blend

Established in the area for over a century, La Tribune is gaining new momentum, thanks to the support of the community. To join you as you read your morning newspaper, we are proud to present our La Tribune blend! This blend is a result of a partnership between two long-lasting companies in Sherbrooke, Café Hubert Saint-Jean and La Tribune, and it aims to preserve some of Sherbrooke’s traditions.

This classic blend has roasted nuts and dark chocolate aromas, giving it a full-bodied and balanced taste. Freshly brewed, you will appreciate our La Tribune blend in both filter and espresso coffees. 

As part of our partnership, Café Hubert Saint-Jean gives back to La Tribune 4$ for each bag sold. A good way for you to support your local newspaper while enjoying a delicious coffee!



Roast Level : Dark
Gustative Profile : Dark chocolate, Nuts

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Farm-Direct Sourcing

We care about the quality of our coffees, from the plant to your cup. 

This process begins with dealing directly with farmers chosen all around the world. Their coffee beans then go through our roasting process, which  is achieved with the utmost respect for the beans, in an effort to maintain their authenticity and potential.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

In-store or Online

Our coffees are always fresh!

In order to keep this promise, we regularly refill our inventory. We also roast our coffee on a daily basis, making sure each coffee variety is roasted to maximise their aromatic profiles.  Once roasted, our coffees are kept in the best conditions for 10 to 15 days. 

Why is freshness at the very core of our business? Poor conservation or prolonged storage can drastically lessen the intensity of the aromas. 

Our expertise is not limited to the selection of coffee farmers around the world, but also in the process leading up to your cup, in hope of providing a rich, complex and optimal coffee experience.

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