Fellow ODE coffee grinder




Lovers of alternative infusions, always looking for the best products, will find their new favorite toy here. Fellow presents a mill offering performance very close to that of commercial mills at 3x the price.

Technical details

  • Professional quality 64mm flat grinding wheels
  • Easy to adjust
  • Single dose bean compartment
  • Sound reducer
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Weight: 4.5 kg


Technical details

Material : Aluminum housing, Plastic cover, Stainless steel grinding wheels
Dimensions : 9,4" x 4,2" x 9,5"

Micro-roastery since 1923

Café Hubert Saint-Jean is known above all for the quality of its coffees. We are very keen on this quality throughout all our activities, whether in the choice of coffee beans, their roasting and the selling of coffee machines.

We carefully choose the types of machines offered in our boutique to ensure that they meet the expectations of coffee lovers. Our coffee machines are of remarkable quality and produce coffees with savory aromas.

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Revive your taste buds with a coffee made using high quality machines. Simply visit our online store or one of our two locations in Sherbrooke to get expert advice and guidance on the best coffee machine for you.

Why offer coffee machines? Because freshness is at the very heart of our business and our expertise is not only limited to the right choice of beans and their roasting. We take pride in accompanying the bean from its plant to your cup with the promise of a rich, smooth and optimal experience.