Brazil red honey anaerobic



If you believe that Brazilian coffees are never fruity, this coffee will make you change your mind. A fruity, tangy and complex Brazilian.


Roast Level : Medium
Region : Sul de Minas
Farm : Fazenda Sao Jose
Variety : Novo Mundo
Altitude : 950m
Gustative Profile : Blood orange, Plum, Sweet
Processing Method : Red Honey Anaérobic

Farm-Direct Sourcing

We care about the quality of our coffees from the plant right up to your cup. This begins by dealing directly with the farmers selected from all around the world. We then roast the beans with the utmost respect to preserve all of their richness.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

In store or online

Our coffees are always fresh! In order to do so, we continually replenish our inventories and ensure daily roasting that enhances the aromatic profile of each variety. The roasted beans are kept in the best of conditions for a 10 to 15 day storage period.

Why is freshness at the very core of our practice? Because poor conservation or prolonged storage will drastically diminish the intensity of aromas and flavours. And because our expertise is not just limited to the right choice of farmers worldwide, we are proud to accompany the bean from the plant right up to your cup in the promise of a rich, velvety and optimal experience.