Find your coffee

The darker the roast, the more full-bodied your coffee will be with a hint of bitterness and toasty aromas. Whereas, a lighter roast produces a more delicate coffee with a variety of aromas (fruity, floral, spicy, etc.) and a more acidic taste. As for the medium roast, it results in a well-rounded coffee that enhances the aromas and lingers on the palate.
Coffee grind varies depending on the type of machine used. For this reason, it is important to choose the coffee beans according to the machine and its brewing method. This is crucial not only for the coffee's flavour, but also to ensure that the beans won't clog your grinder nor damage your machine.
If you take your coffee black, you may choose among several types of coffees as its original taste will be the star. However, if you like to add milk to your coffee, or to prepare cappuccinos and lattes, a dark roast coffee or a more classic coffee could be a delicious option as its distinctive taste will shine through the milk. But then again, some specialty coffees really are amazing in milk beverages!
Like fine wines, coffees present complex aromatic palettes allowing for an incredible range of flavors. Select your aromatic preferences so that we can pinpoint the best coffee to match your taste.