Café Hubert Saint-Jean

100 years in the making

Café Hubert Saint-Jean has been part of Sherbrooke since 1923, the year Mr. Hubert Saint-Jean started roasting coffee. His son Michel Saint-Jean carried on the art of coffee roasting and now acts as a mentor to the new owner.

It is in this very place that the magic and passion for coffee takes place every week. Our coffee roaster has the particularity of producing direct flames, giving Hubert Saint-Jean’s coffee its distinctive flavour.

Major renovations were undertaken in 2018 at our old location to give some life to the company. One thing remains the same: the undisputed quality of the coffee it roasts. 

Café Hubert Saint-Jean now has two locations to serve you: 455 King O. Street near downtown Sherbrooke, and 4797 Bourque Blvd, in Rock Forest. Our skilled baristas are there everyday to guide you and make sure you have a unique experience.

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An amazing team

Teamwork to provide top-quality coffees

Just like our coffee beans, each member of our team is carefully selected to help the company prosper and grow. Our teamwork allows us to offer our clients a number of services designed to provide fresh and innovative coffees. Passionate about this marvelous drink, our amazing team knows how to excite your taste buds with our coffees.

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