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About us

About Us

Les Café Hubert Saint-Jean first started in 1923 by M. Hubert Saint-Jean. They were the first roasting giants in Sherbrooke. Our brand image is inspired by Hubert and his son Michel Saint-Jean, therefore, our goal is to offer a high quality coffee in an innovative way.

To achieve this, we value team work, respect, consensus and innovation to foster interactive work and productivity.

Our team

Every day, the team assures that the company evolves in a positive way. Everyone’s dedication to its work allow us to offer all our services and a recomforting coffee. Our team is the root of our success and each of them add incredible value to our services.

Café hubert Saint-Jean

Café hubert Saint-Jean

Café Hubert Saint-Jean

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It will be our pleasure to meet you around a cup of coffee !

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