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Café Hubert Saint-Jean

Our coffee...

Is always freshly roasted and constantly improved to value the aroma delicacy of each harvesting.

Among our bean selections, you will find your classics as well as impressive discoveries.

At Hubert Saint-Jean, each step of the supply chain adds its value to our products. We grant special care to the culture, drying, roasting and serving of each coffee.

As you can see, our products are important to our brand, however, we are even more proud of the people working with us to produce each one of our delicacy. Producers, roasters and baristas are the key success of our services and we value them as much as our products!

Consequently, we are continuously developing fair trade and direct trade products.


Complementary activities to offer a dynamic service: Micro-roasting, Coffee shop, specialized stores, maintenance and repair of equipment, event services, workshops.


Barista services « clé en main » driven by talented baristas.


Residential and commercial maintenance and repair services.


Individual or group training to learn a variety of barista skills. Cours de groupe de la ferme à la tasse.